GSN conducts first Think-Tank event in Gävle Sweden

From March 24 to 26, 2013, a group of researchers from around the World converged on Gävle, Sweden to provide expert advice on the broad field of geohealth. The host, Future Position X – an economic cluster organisation – is a founding member of the Global Spatial Network (GSN). The GSN is a not-for-profit consortium representing five research centres that all have a strong network of partners working in the spatial sciences and geomatic field. Core members are based in Australia, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea and Canada. Affiliate members include organisations in the USA and Europe.
FPX are building on their history of successful innovations by establishing a new geohealth research centre and seeking support from the Swedish Government through the Vinnvaxt program. To build a more complete sense of the state of the art around the World, FPX called on GSN to provide expertise in the field of geohealth. Nine researchers were invited from seven institutions in four countries. Over two intensive days, the group discussed how current and future spatial technologies could enable healthy communities. Invited GSN guests included an electrical engineer from Curtin University, computer science and geography experts from Texas A&M, geospatial specialists from CRCSI and RMIT (Australia), health geographers from Exeter (UK) and Canterbury (NZ), and a health geographer from Buffalo, New York.

Researchers were challenged with scoping a research and development agenda that would result in new instruments, sensors and spatial analytical methods all designed to manage and interpret information on human behaviours. The resulting vision for the FPX innovation centre blends spatial expertise to benefit the health of both individuals and the general public. The vision will spawn innovation in hardware devices and spatial software algorithms and create an entirely new industry of health-related services.

The Global Spatial Network can mobilize a range of specialists across many disciplines to respond to requirements such as the needs of Future Position X in Gävle.

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