CRCSI Conference 2014 | 3/09/2014

The CRCSI 10th anniversary conference focus is on the up-take of our research outcomes and future planning. Attendance is free but open only to participant staff and special invited guests. Go to the conference page for more information, download the program or feel free to contact us

Gävle region has been rewarded as the winner of the”Geospatial World Leadership Award 2013- Gävle- Geospatial Business Hub”, which is one of the world’s top prices for development in geographic information systems (GIS)

FPx Roundtable | 27/03/2014
In March a group of researcher leaders from around the World were hosted by Future Position X in Gävle, Sweden to provide expert advice on potential projects to be prosecuted therough the FPx geohealth initiative. Future Position X is a founding member of the Global Spatial Network (GSN)

CRCSI Conference 2013 | 11/11/2013
The annual CRCSI conference was held in November 2013 in Christchurch. You can review screencasts of presentations and find out more at

Future Position X is one of three winners of the 2013 VINNVAXT funding round. This success means that FPX has funding for 10 years to develop innovative geographic information solutions for public health using geographic information technology.

The initiative is called Geo Life Region and it aims to better understand individual’s movements and behaviours to improve health and wellbeing. The proposal required active participation of stakeholders in industry, research, politics and public affairs.

Value of Location | 3/07/2013
Oxera Consulting Ltd estimated in January 2013 that global revenues from geospatial services and products are between $150 to $270 billion per year.

From March 24 to 26, 2013, a group of researchers from around the World converged on Gävle, Sweden to provide expert advice on the broad field of geohealth. The host, Future Position X – an economic cluster organisation – is a founding member of the Global Spatial Network (GSN). The GSN is a not-for-profit consortium representing five research centres that all have a strong network of partners working in the spatial sciences and geomatic field. Core members are based in Australia, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea and Canada. Affiliate members include organisations in the USA and Europe.

Funding into international joint innovation and research projects for 10 years was the focus of a GSN Round Table Meeting in Sweden. Future Position X (FPX) will submit the funding proposal to the Swedish government in May. The Round Table meeting further developed Sweden’s Geo Health Innovation Strategy, which will become part of the proposal.

The Centro de Investigacion en Geografia y Geomatica, Ing. Jorge L. Tamayo, A. C., (CentroGeo), is pleased to invite you to the launching of the journal GEOcybernetics: i+g+s®.
The Journal will be published on the internet and have free access with subscription. The link can be visited beginning December 17, 2012 at

The CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) has joined forces with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The relationship with OGC will be especially strong with the CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructures research program.

CRCSI Conference 2012 | 7/03/2012
The annual internal-only CRCSI Conference for 2012 was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre over 9 and 10 May. You can see screencasts of presentations and read about the event via

GEOIDE 2012 | 16/01/2012

We are delighted to announce that the Global Geospatial Conference 2012 will bring together the 14th GEOIDE Annual Scientific Conference, GSDI World Conference (GSDI 13), Canadian Geomatics Conference (CGC 2012), and 3D GeoInfo Conference, which will take place at the Convention Centre in Quebec City, Canada.