Future Position X

Future Position X, based in Gavle city in Sweden, is a European centre of excellence and an independent arena for research and development in the Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Industry. We are working in the field of Geographic Information Technology, Spatial data and solutions for the future green society and the smart city.

As a leading Cluster organization in this industry we help companies and organizations to research and develop new products and solutions and expand to new markets. We are over 200 companies and organizations working together in the cluster. Future Position X headquarters, labs and incubator are based in the Gavle region in Sweden and we also have a market office and incubator in Zhuhai City, Guangdong province in China.

In Gavle region the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority has its headquarters and the Gavle region is also a centre for research and education in this field.  All of these important factors has had a huge impact on the creation of the smart environment for innovation and attracted many of the leading companies to establish themselves here.

2010 Future Position X was rewarded with the European cluster manager of the year award for 2010 and 2011 and the following year the organization received the honourable bronze medal by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) for its outstanding work.


•    High rate of innovation and commercialization of results
•    Proven project facilitator
•    Strong national & international network
•    Large Smart City demonstration area

Our values

By acting as a good host in an inspiring spatial technology environment and share good success stories and examples we inspire stakeholders with relevance and credibility, which involves and affects both existing and prospective partners. This creates a good environment for trustworthy partnerships and great innovation.

Front Runner
We often take the lead and drive innovation that pave the way and lead others in a safe and secure manner. To be a front runner is as much about knowing what is happening today, as it is about having a map for what awaits us in the future. To be a front runner also means that we need to put ourselves in challenging new contexts and constellations to create new innovations.

What drives us most is that we want to contribute to a more sustainable society that will be both safer and more humane, and in this, spatial information plays a very significant role. We at FPX are committed to share and develop our knowledge in spatial usage and contribute to our common green society.


General Manager: Johan Bang
Process Manager R&D: Roland Norgren
International coordinator: Jiaman Tang