Global Spatial Network activities can
  • Build global research networking 
  • Operate or encourage exchange programs for students and researchers
  • Develop and support education programs that strengthen the capacity of organizations
  • Operate or encourage programs for internships of students
  • Provide Intellectual Property registration and sharing in a fair manner (eg respecting differences in funding levels by Members)
  • Assist benchmarking for members
  • Publish a state-of-the-world networks document
  • Share resources for international peer‐review
  • Edit joint publications and share communications strategies
  • Operate joint workshops, conferences, and all forms of joint meetings
  • Contribute to national (and super‐national) research agendas
  • Respond to short‐term needs (eg disaster situations) with member resources 
  • Record and disseminate expertise and current research (viz a "geodatabase")
  • Bid for funding from granting bodies (including government, private sector and philanthropic organizations) on behalf of members, and coordinate joint projects funded by such bids
  • Assist establishment of new networks
  • Other activities from time to time established by the Board
GSN Business Plan