Statement of Purpose

“To give networking the highest priority, to leverage global partnerships for geomatic engineering and spatial information science research, to facilitate education and training, to bid for funds for use by partners, and to help other such networks get established.”

GSN objectives

GSN Partners seek benefits through participating in the following activities
  • Facilitating research networking around the world
  • Exchanging students and researchers and assisting with internships of students
  • Helping develop and support education programs that strengthen the capacity of organizations
  • Sharing organizational and management expertise, for example
  • Authoring a state of the world networks document
  • Benchmarking networks (eg how well is each network doing in delivering research and outputs)
  • Providing a resource of experience for new networks
  • Indexing expertise and current research (geodatabase)
  • Providing a resource for international peer-review (mutually for Partners and others)
  • Undertaking joint symposia, from meetings to workshops to conferences
  • Helping set national (and super-national) research agendas
  • Bidding for funding from granting bodies (including government, the private sector and  philanthropic organisations) on behalf of GSN member consortia
  • Helping to establish new network organisations