GSN is an unincorporated joint venture. A Management Committee operates in the manner of a corporate board, with a Secretariat provided by Partners in rotation as determined by the Management Committee.

The foundation Board members and management are:
Nicholas Chrisman, RMIT - President
Peter Woodgate, CRCSI - Chair
Johan Bang, Future Position X - Director
Michael Goodchild - Independent Director
Byung-Guk Kim, KLSG - Director
Carmen Reyes, CentroGeo - Director
Claude Lévesque, GEOIDE - General Secretary
Melanie Plumb, CRCSI - Treasurer
Jane Inall, CRCSI - Minute Taker

Partner Categories

Partners are classed as either Core or Affiliate.

Core partner’s benefits are
  • Governance role on the Management Committee
  • Design of GSN events
  • Preferential access to participate in joint initiatives
Core partner’s obligations are
  • Annual subscription fees
  • Updating their respective web pages
Affiliate partner’s benefits are
  • Participation in GSN events
Affiliate partner’s obligations are
  • Annual subscription fees

How to join

Applications for Partnership are welcome from any organisation with a national (or substantially so) mandate to conduct and encourage activities based on innovative applications of geospatial technologies and practices, and or skills development and capacity building. Further Information.
Nick Chrisman, President

Peter Woodgate, Chair